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    I agree with an earier comment you don't need to do research before taking the bronze NNA(S). If you do too much you won't get the benfit of the bronze award training! The silver's harder and you'll need to do some research before taking the assessment on that.As part of the written assessment I had to draw the gradient profile of a walk and that wasn't covered in the course! Fom somewhere I recalled doing this in 'O' level geography and made a pretty good stab at it.My practical assesment had me micro navigating round an orienteering course. Not sure I'm that good these days as mostly I don't need it. What you do need is an ability to relate map to visible terrain and that only comes with practice, lots of it

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    Quote Originally Posted by captain paranoia View Post

    Oh, the acronyms. It's so hard to understand...



    Google is your friend. In these cases, it's very friendly, with the first hits being exactly what you're looking for. A different kind of navigation, I suppose...
    I always read your posts with interest and respect and rarely disagree with you, but in this case I believe that you may have a blind spot.

    It's not only newbies who have problems with understanding abbreviations and acronyms. I've been around for a long time and since joining this forum have become aware that I have great difficulty in understanding many of the abbreviations in common currency.

    Unfortunately, Google is not always your friend. Here are some examples where it is unable to help:

    'I'm thinking of walking the PW...'. Is that the Painter's Way, Peakland Way, Peddars Way, Pendle Way or the Pennine Way?

    'I need advice on walking the TMB...' Google is silent on a likely explanation.

    And where will I find the meaning of BPL and walking the HR?

    I believe that, as a matter of common courtesy, posters should spell out in full their first use of a term for which they later use an abbreviation. I takes the original poster (OP) a couple of seconds to do this and saves the newbie and those like myself who are intellectually challenged by abbreviations, the labour and frustration of trying to work out the meaning.


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