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Thread: wild camping

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    i am looking to go on my first wild camping outing, i am thinking about going to somewhere around Osmotherley and Cleveland Way.

    does anyone know of any good spots around that area?



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    Just be aware that it is actually illegal to just pitch anywhere your hat falls.

    However, i come from Redcar originally and i think the Eston Hills have some nice spots. I couldn't tell you where but i had friends who used to disappear for a night or two up there and driving past them everyday to college and work, it does look interesting.

    Also not far past Thirsk on the A170, it takes you into The North York Moors National Park. Obviously camping at your own risk.

    I know its not much help, but its a start i guess.


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    There are a few spots near the transmitter station gr459995or near Lord Stones cafe gr526032 butchoose an out of the way spot.Possible spots on the tops going from Lord Stones to Clay Bank but you will have to carry water.Probably better on the NY moors going from campsite to campsite.

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