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    Salty not tasting lovely is quite true when you sample it in the kitchen, but IME the degree to which you need the salt replacement corellates well with the drink tasting good. When you've been sweating a lot it actually tastes pretty good...


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    Haven't tried homemade ones so don't know how they taste.

    An other way of getting replacement salt, is adding it to your food. Would only apply if camping I suppose, but should 'taste' a lot better.

    Years ago I remember you could get these electrolyte and glucose 'tablets/sweets', like the energy ones you get now, you'd just suck on them like a sweet.

    I haven't seen them in years though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by huskyman View Post

    An other way of getting replacement salt, is adding it to your food.
    When I was working on an excavation in central Italy in the late 80s, during a heatwave, we noticed after a few days on site that people were buying and wolfing down crisps at the bar every afternoon, and sprinkling salt on the unsalted Italian bread. It took a bit longer to clock what was happening - we were subconsciously replacing the salt we'd sweated out.

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