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    Go for Large. I'm 42" chest and wear a medium for a snug fit. I'm guessing you are looking at our site ( since we are the onlu ones selling in the UK right now (USMC have some stock left but have not ordered for a long time). If it doesn't fit, we'll cover the postage to send out a different size since we have discussed can leave a comment in your order explaining that). Cheers

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    That's the site. Thanks for the feedback. Order going in now. So glad I never got my nipples pierced - could have been a real hassle with snagging!

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    Jon I have the mesh boxers, complete with modesty panels from Aclima.

    I also have the mesh vests which I bought in the hope that they'd keep me cool in hot weather. I've found them to be a little warmer than expected. o.k. up to about 19C and then they're too warm. I've been told the look is not pretty but they are comfortable. These are made from merkalon, although you can get merino ones.

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    Hi Major Cynic.

    Brynje have a Super Micro mesh, which is a lighter weight, tighter weave for summer use. It's used a lot by cyclist under their cycling shirts. I'll be honest and say that I have not used it in very warm weather (24C>) for walking, but I intent to this summer. The tighter weave means that it's not quote "Right said Fred" as the other mesh. We'll be sending some for Jon to test for the summer, so watch this space. Cheers

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    Rhodri - got mine through thanks! Fit is good. I'll post back when I've given it a go. Bought for next winter.

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    Excellent.......if this summer is anything like the last one you might end up wearing it sooner than you think! Cheers

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