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Thread: Wild Camping on Dartmoor

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    Hello people,

    We may seem like lightweights, but after a couple of nights wild camping last summer (near Hamel Down, Dartmoor), we would like to take our bunch of teens and 8 year old wild camping back on the moor - more for the fun experience rather than a serious expedition. Bearing in mind, we'll have more gear this time and it'll be a trek to truly hike anywhere, can anyone suggest anywhere we can easily drive off road and keep the car close? We were planning on using the 5 berth which is pretty heavy itself.

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    So many spots - though probably best to use a layby/carpark than drive off the road onto the moor. The NPA ask that you be at least 100m from a road and out of sight of houses.

    This map shows the 'free camping' areas. If you zoom in, it goes through the scales down to 1:12500 OS level, then can see where unfenced roads are and take your pick.

    A nice spot 5 minutes from a carpark is at 556744

    If you want somewhere wilder feeling, drive to the end of the road past Sheepstor by Gutter Tor and walk E or S a little.

    Or many places near to the road in the far northwest and northeast quadrants of the 'main centralmoors'

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    Mole, that's really helpful thanks. We're going to check those spots out tomorrow

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