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    Those Klymit things seem to have this undercut a bit @ 250gish. But thats mostly because they've cut some rather large holes in them, which going by reviews isn't a universal benefit

    The new, lighter neo airs are only 350g but a lot more money. Also, to be fair, warmth.

    Suppose their answer cf warmth would be to get a thin CCF pad (they do some very light ones) and add that. Works out cost wise, weight wise almost reasonable. Bulky perhaps.

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    I was looking at getting a Thermarest neoair until I saw this mat, at well over half the price this looks like a great alternative for me, a penniless camper.

    But I was wondering how durable the mat is, as I'm 6'4 and built like a pie shop I'd like to how much punishment you think this mat would take?


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