An easy drive from Berkshire to Rhayader. Parked at Elan Valley (cant tell you where but all will say the rangers are a real credit. Friendly, helpful and welcoming) After a bit if faffing about set off from the village along the south of Caban Coch reservoir and followed the bridal path west and then south. This leads to Drygarn Fawr where I bivvied for the night. It was the first time I had used a tarp and I got it mainly right for the most part. There was a light shower overnight but it was calm and misty in the morning.
I love the feeling of dawn, its got a special magical feeling. Almost opiate like I imagine. I headed for Lyn Carw in and then back to the Afon Claerwen river and stopped for lunch. Followed the b/p east over to the water tower at Caban Coch. The walk north around Garreg Du was a little tedious and I was relieved to get to the impressive Pannygarreg Du dam. Moelfryn Mawr is a gorgeous hill and the weather was perfect and dry. I spent the night at an ruined cottage which is strangely not marked on the map esp as there is obviously another old settlement nearby. A good night was had with amazing views from my spot. After breaking camp I headed back to my car in soul soothing sunshine.
Ill try to put some pics up soon if I can work out how to do it !