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    Hello All.

    I'm a lucky boy. I've got a 7 day trip to Barcelona at the end of may. Two to three days of those I'm wanting to go backpacking in the Pyrenees. I'm looking for something a little off the beaten track. I'm happy to take all provisions and want to wild camp. Can anyone recommend any routes, areas, valleys I should be looking at. I'm a complete novice walking abroad.

    Any tips would be more than welcome. Thanks in advance.

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    hi john

    a good place to get to is the aigues tortes (affectionately known as the argos tortoise in our house). we've been there twice. this isnt my blog but might give an idea:

    its a lovely spot and sort of doable from barce. first time we went there we stayed in a place called tremp, which is kinda lovely in itself....and then made day trips into the hills. It was easter and still chest deep in snow in places. Second time was last year, we spent a day and a half walking thru on the HRP. I'd like to tell you that was great, but there was solid clag for the entire time, so we saw nought. avoid lac sant maurici so i've heard, unless you like your wild camping accompanied by quad biking eejits.

    hope that helps


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    Bus to Andorra and then follow the GR11 for 3 days to Puigcerda.

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