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Thread: Night Ski Goggles

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    Would anyone be able to direct me to a online store that has Night ski goggles. just the same as normal ski goggles but a clear lens

    plenty of advice on google but nowhere to purchase

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    i got some from freetime in carlisle. they have a website you could try.

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    Motorcyclists have a need for clear goggles, so maybe m/c dealers are a place to look.

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    Do a search for clear ski goggle lenses. Then buy a pair of the goggles the lenses were made for.

    Not much call for clear goggles by the vast majority of skiers, so finding a pre-assembled pair is unlikely. Lens swapping is straightfoward and most manufacturers sell an appropriate model.

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    You can find Bolle 'Mojo' goggles with a clear lens, about 24 from Amazon (link below) and a couple of other places. I bought a pair last winter and they've been fine so far.

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