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Thread: Talkback: Marmot's New Spring 2012 Kit

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    The Super Mica has been out sometime now, I think for 2 years? So you mean its a new version of the Super Mica?

    Interesting UK price. Take the USA price of $200 which excludes salestax, convert to Sterling, add UK 20% VAT and you get £152, not £170, which is odd as Marmot's stuff is made in Vietnam.

    I own a Mica, its wearing holes I can see holding up to sunlight, the holes are not where the Super Mica' reinforcements are.

    Light, cheap, durable. Pick 2.

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    I'm checking the details now. It's new to me anyway and we've not reviewed it before. I'm just about to put up a first look at the jacket btw. Interesting comments on the wear on the Mica btw, where has it holed as a matter of interest? Is it abrasion damage or from catching or snagging the fabric?

    Fwiw, I'd classify the Super Mica as a sort of semi-emergency shell, the sort of thing that you'd use with a soft shell in bad conditions, but probably not as a primary, all-day shell unless you really had to.

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    Right, basically the cut has been revised for 2012. This is direct from Martin Panton at Marmot UK:

    'The old format had a loose fitting square cut and the new version now has an athletic fit. This was changed due to athlete feedback asking for a more fitted jacket. This change reduces the chance of baggy fabric being caught in karabiners, ropes or pack hip belts. All other features stay the same.'

    So yes, it is slightly different to the older version, but features and fabric stay the same. There's a 'just in' on the site now. Cut seems pretty good, but I've not used the older version, so I can't say how far it differs.

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