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Thread: GPS recommendations

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    Mini Goon
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    Hi Folks,

    I'm looking for a GPS and would appreciate some advice. Priorities (in order) are as follows:Ability to record my routes and plot on a digital map like this: (do I need specialist software as well? Is that like an overlay for OpenSteetMap to show the contours etc?)

    Positional readout as an OS grid reference




    I'm a massive fan of maps so I don't really want to replace them at this stage, but waypoints would be nice.


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    even the basic ones do waypoints, most mapping software (including online maps) will produce a file for GPS units. If you want maps on the GPS it will cost, both for the unit and the maps.

    A basic Garmin will provide all you need. The main use for mine is logging my walks, I switch it on at the start and download the track(s) when I get home onto mapping software or google maps.

    Steve D

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    Given that I use Google Earth with an OS maps overlay my ideal would probably be just to download my paths and convert to KML. Is this straightforward?

    If I wanted to do it the other way around and upload a KML to the GPS as a list of waypoints would that be possible?



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    .gpx tends to be the common format for routes. there are utilities around that will convert between different formats.

    do some searching on here as waypoints, trackpoints, routes and tracks are explained in some detail. you MUST know what these things are to use your gps effectively and not go slightly insane.

    virtually any cheap gps unit that connects to your pooter will do what you want it too.

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    I use this; works.

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