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Thread: Memory map iPhone/iPad app?

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    Mini Goon
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    As I have the full 'Northern GB' version of Memory Map, I thought I might install the app, but I can't find it in the AppStore. I looked on the MM website, and the link from there isn't working.

    Have they withdrawn the App? Anyone know?

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    Ive been in touch with Memory Map and they say that the app was being checked by Apple, but it will be back up again shortly

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    Peter Witrigs

    OK Tried power supply detach path and even had the Mazda technical totally reset the music program but still can't get the program to pattern up through the individual "CD" show to the "EX" display?? It does however begin asking for the iPod when connected???
    best iphone gadgets

    Any other recommendations or do I go back again to the dealership?

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