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    Just taken this jacket out for its 1st walk in rain on Dartmoor. All seemed good, except when I took my phone out of one of the chest pockets - totally soaked and now not working. Grrrrrrr.
    Pools of water at bottom of both pockets and yes they were fully zipped up.
    My girlfriends Hagloff jacket seemed to cope admirably with her pack of tissues staying dry in the same front pockets.
    Real shame and i am now looking to get a refund - £350 for a tough waterproof jacket - this won't do!!
    Hopefully LD Mountain centre will swap or refund.

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    Hello, will, welcome to the Forum

    Most zips are not waterproof. Your jacket clearly is waterproof (hence the puddles in the pockets). An expensive way to discover that you should never put electronic equipment in pockets unprotected. Stick 'em in a waterproof bag, even something as cheap as a sandwich bag.


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    I understand from a cycling forum that many phones can be dried successfully and are designed to deal with such an event.

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