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Thread: how can you enter multi day route into one google map?

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    > it splits long tracks into multiple pages when imported into My Maps

    Did they give any clue as to the decision method for this splitting? Number of points? Distance? If it's the number of points, you could address this by reducing the point logging rate. You could even process the GPX to decimate* the track points.

    * in the technical sense of discarding every nth sample (or, more likely, keeping every nth sample). Metric Kate willbe able to explain the origin of the term'decimate'; it was a rather severe Roman punishment for an armed unit that didn't cut the mustard...

    What does GoogleEarth do...? It will import GPX files, too, with the advantage of 3D visualisation of the route.

    From the name, I guess Google Fusion Tables is intended for data fusion activities, such as fusing route information with terrain or mapping information.

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    I wonder if Dropbox public folders would qualify as a "publicly accessible server"? The Dropbox online storage/backup service is free for up to 2GB, so might be worth a try. Regarding the lack of editing with this method, I guess you'd just edit in another program such as GPX editor.

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    no that was all the info they gave. I managed to put it into gps visualiser the whole thing but it does not allow any editing so is not great, as to the other questions I am not sure as to the answers. Not had any more time to play around with it the last few days but if I come up with some amazing solution I shall let you know

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