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Thread: Routable GPS maps

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    I have tried putting talkytoasters routable maps on my Etrex 30. The maps are great but I cannot get the routing to work at at all. I know that they will not route via the address option , but even when I try and get them to route to a waypoint I just get a message "route calculation error". I have got other routable mapping to work but the talkytoaster map set is better..

    Anyone got any ideas or had the same problem that could assist.

    Many thanks


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    Really was just after a bit of advice.

    Better because they have more detail, show more paths, poi's and contours.

    Only the routing is not working therefore if that worked they would be much better than the other map set that I have.

    If anyone can help me with how I may have not set them up properly etc or any constructive advice then I would be very grateful.


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