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Thread: OS getamap, waypoint text?

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    I've recently started using OS getamap to plan walking routes. If anyone else is using it ... do you know if it is possible to label the waypoints (while creating the routewithin os getamap)soonce imported to your gps there is some meaning to the waypoints and not simply labled 1 to 30 etc?



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    Not used the OS mapping system, but if you open the downloaded file in a text editor you can change them to whatever you want:

    YR ELENWaypoint

    Just edit the bit between the name tags. Check your gps specifications for what format it will accept. It may need something like max. of 16 chars all in upper case.

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    I'm aware I can edit after the event but I dont want to faff about, I was hoping a simple right click on waypointand Edit might be possible while still in getamap... but thats far to hard to impliment !

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