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    Sorry, these may be lighter than the usual leki but they're not a light as the Gossamer Gear LT4 or the Ti Goat Poles, both adjustable and in the region of 110-120 g per pole.

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    Well pedantically all they're apparently claiming is - "world's lightest three-part telescopic trekking pole". Which you can imagine is fairly likely to be true at this weight.

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    They are not bad though; tubes are thin and prone to dint relatively easily. They don't have the springy resilience of say Leki Makalu (not) Ti's - but are pretty comfortable to use.

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    If they are trying for 'light' why do they have those heavy handgrips? All you actually need if you use the straps properly are a bit of padding where the part of the hand between the thumb and first finger rest against the pole, and a bit more at the extreme top for steep downhills.

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    They are only 158g if you remove the wrist straps and baskets otherwise they weigh 175g.

    I prefer them to the Leki Carbons that I had before Air France lost them.

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