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Thread: The latest non-bargains

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    We have a latest bargain thread and I'm sure it's of great value to some but there are companies out there who dress up rip offs as something else.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mal Mawr View Post

    Think that's bad?

    Go Outdoors are selling a Karrimor Bobcat 65 at £67.50 with a discount card. If you wait until 18-20 april you can get it for only £39.99 with a coupon in their spring brochure.

    Alternatively, you can get it now from F&T/ or Shop Outdoors for £35.

    See what I mean? I think we are due a thread that points out the many non bargains dressed up as the opposite.

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    How about Blacks doing the same rucksack for £90!

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