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    Hi- i am new to this forum-(Bear in mind also that english is not my first language.) I have a question concerning the Akto tent, that I ve just baught.I have the two inner, the solid one and the mesh one. I ve heard that the solid one can be too hot and stuffy in summer. I would like to know how the use of the tent with the mesh inner can affect the performance of the tent in strong wind and bad weather- and if it can be still considered as a valid 3 seasons tent for use in spring and automn as well. For example my next trip will be in uk from beginning of may to august- and i may be camping anywhere in the country, from the north of the highlands to the south of England, probably almost everynight- nothing planned yet-and I do not know wich inner to take with me. I understand that i may have to compromise either one way or the other. I also have quite a warm sleeping bag. I'd love to hear your opinion and idea about this, as well as your general view about the pro and cons of both kind of inner. I ve read that the mesh inner is for dry and warm weather only. What is meant here by dry and warm exactly? Does this apply to spring and summer in UK?
    Bear in mind as well that I am not much experienced yet in camping with a tent and living outdoor.
    I d apreciate any of your contribution, and thank you all very much for your help.

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    Welcome to OM.

    British spring can be cold & wet, stormy blizzard or balmy sunshine. North of the Highlands to the south of England, you could experience everything from sub-Arctic to Mediterranean weather. All on the same day & in the same place sometimes! Summer can be worse.

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    The bad news is that CB is spot on with his description of UK weather conditions.

    The good news is that you have an Akto. It's anexcellent tent. I have never considered using a mesh innerwith mine as UK weather is never predictable enough to do so. I'm not sure that a mesh inner would make that much difference in warm conditions anyway as the Akto's flysheet comes down to the ground so, unless there is a breeze, not much additional air will circulate inside the tent.

    A major drawback with a mesh inner is condensation. Like many lightweight solo tents, the Akto is prone to condensation on the underside of theflysheet in still weather.With a solid inner, thereis not a problem ifthe odd drop of waterfalls from the flysheet. With a mesh inner, any water willfall through the roof of the inner.

    A possible compromise would be to replace the fabric panelsat each end of the inner with mesh (get a professional to do it).I knowof at least one Akto ownerwho has had some success in preventing condensation by doing this.

    If you don't have much experience of backpacking, make sure that have somepractice trips at home beforecommitting to a multi-week tripabroad in the UK.

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    Hi Besace, how have got on with the mesh inner tent ? What dose it weigh ? I am thinking of getting one for my Akto.

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    Strong wind and bad weather shouldn't affect the structure any more than the standard version because the outer goes to the ground, but note the comments from others above about condensation and coolness.

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