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Thread: outdoors lighters?

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    The Blue Rhino lighters on the same web-site have double or triple burners to keep alight in strong winds. I have a Ronson with a double burner and in strong winds I've seen one burner go out only to be re-ignited by the second as soon as the wind allows it.But it wasn't cheap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StoneHuggingHippy View Post
    Never seen those peanut lighters before, i might get one of the split pea ones as a back up.
    Just to update, over two years on, mine is shit, and always has been.

    Though the fuel remains sealed in it's almost impossible to light even with a new flint as the flint wheel is absolutely pathetic and won't throw a spark, even when it does the wick wont catch it and all you end up with is a blistered thumb.

    You'd have more chance of starting a fire by constantly banging your head on a wall, or a tree, which you will do if you rely on this to start a fire, or even light a fag at camp.

    By far the worst bit of kit i've ever bought.

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