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    Mini Goon LennyJ1's Avatar
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    Just wish the Aquapac for the SLR was not so expensive.

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    Widdler Matt Brown 5's Avatar
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    I'm very pleased with the Aquapac I use for my phone. I feel pretty vulnerable without it.

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    Widdler Chris Skone-Roberts's Avatar
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    Hi Lenny

    I am a daily user of the Aquapac DSLR case so I thought I would comment.

    The trouble is simple really. There are lesser models out there that I have used and broken within minutes but the Aquapac case is what I would describe as being 'bomb proof'. I trust my kit to it every day which is valued over 2000. I have taken my case down as far as 10m (not recommended however)and the welds stayed exactly as they were.

    Durability and warranty were big drivers for me when I bought my first one and they have never let me down.

    Aquapac are a brilliant team to deal with. I do not work for Aquapac but I was so happy with their products and support that my company is sponsored by them.

    If you follow the correct instructions when you use the case it will last you years.

    I would be happy for you to get in contact and I will give you some hints and tips on how to get the very best images out of the case. Mine and my teams images win many prizes standing right next to Ikelite 3000 cases!!!

    In short, you simply do not want to trust your gear to something that is cheap. 30 - 40 on a case and it goes wrong you will never forgive yourself.

    What price did you really want to pay to risk your gear?

    Feel free to get in contact and I might (might) be able to help you with some of my discount, it wont be much as they are really priced competitively to sell....closed rival is 1800!!!

    With the very best regards

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    Mini Goon LennyJ1's Avatar
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    Thanks Chris

    Dont get me wrong the kit is amazing and I do have the iPhone cover but my SLR is a nikon D3000 and spending that much on a case is to high a ratio against the price of the camera.

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