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Thread: leaving a car for three days in the brecon beacons

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    thinking of doing the 'black to black' over three days. are there any safe(ish)options for parking one car in the black moutains and the other some where near the western end of camarthan fan.

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    Hi James
    Most of the local pubs do pay car parks for walkers or even some farmers will have a field you can park in for a few quid.
    To use the NP car parks are risky on a day hike so a BAD idea to leave for longer.
    You could also ask local YH if you could use their cp for a small fee, helps if you are a member.
    Regards Lance

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    Hi James
    I've left the car for a few nights several times in the Beacons, with no problems. Once I forgot to lock it, and still no problems. I'd say that regardless of whether you want to walk a popular route or not, the safest thing is to leave the car at a point where many other walkers (day or otherwise) are likely to park, and in a visible area. A good example is the huge layby carpark just down the road from the Storey Arms. It's not the area you want really, but if you can find somewhere similar (heaving with day trippers, main road) then you can always take your own route and ignore the herds.

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    If, once you've decided where you will leave the car, you end up leaving it in the middle of nowhere down a country lane it's not a bad idea to send a fax or email to the local police to let them know. That way you don't come back to a lot of annoyed people looking for a potential lost person.

    I've done this a few times and it's a little bit comforting to think that, armed with this knowledge, the Police may drift by from time to time to check your car out (probably for Road Tax evasion, but it's a nice deterrent for would be thieves!)

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