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    Hi All
    I have never shopped on the net, any tips for buying gear on net.
    Regards Lance

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    Dont buy items where their size / fit is important unless you are SURE you know which size you want.

    Do pay by credit card which gives some protection.

    If buying from outside the EU then be prepared for Customs duties and VAT (you might be lucky!)

    Do try to check the supplier is reputable.

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    Check out the returns policy
    If it's a company you haven't heard of before, email/phone them to establish some sort of contact in advance (even if it's just a question about sizing etc, the speed and tone of their reply will tell you a lot about what sort of company it is).
    I've bought online quite a bit, but either products where I am 100% sure what size I want, or where I have checked that I can return for a free replacement without paying return postage costs.
    Generally, if you've seen sthg in a store, tried it on, and like it, there's no problem shopping around online for the best deal.

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    never buy footwear on-line. Too much faffing about to get the right size.

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    Always use a credit card and NOT a debit card, something to do with being insured with a credit card.
    Mint credit card states that it does not hold you liable for fraudulent transactions.
    I have bought quite a few things, the last were a pair of scarpa mantas from cmm online (link is on the left of page)with no problems and good delivery, even telephone them over a previous purchase, very helpful etc so i will use them again. also there sale prices are quite good.
    Further to darren wheeler's point, i had done the leg work going round shops finding the right bit of kit in the right size, then went onto the internet to get the cheapest price.

    Hope this helps

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    One thing about security. If you're doing it in IE, make sure that when you go to the site, you write the name of the website in the address bar. Or preferably do it through Opera, or Netscape.

    IE has some security issue's. I've clicked on a link to prove it, and the bar says "" and what comes up, is not the Microsoft homepage. There's something that you can do in the background which hides something... I do'nt understand it, but as long as you type in the name of the company rather than click a link to get to the site, then you will be safe!

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