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Thread: Anyone heading to 3 Tarns via The Band??

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    Bit of a long shot but.....

    Wildcamped up by the biggest of the '3 Tarns' last Thursday (a very wild night). Packed up in the morning and had a quick look around to make sure nothing was left - didn't spot anything.

    Home, and with kit everywhere drying from the summer conditions

    However, now stuffs dried and i start to put everything away i cant find a section of the tent pole!

    Both the girlfriend, who was with me, and i are SURE that the pole got packed complete neither of us can find it at home...

    So - if anyone is heading up past the 3 Tarns (we came down via The Band) and you happen to come across an aluminium tube about 12" long with a rounded end please get in touch with me!!


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    Yeah! That freak Law of nature - "It'll be in the last place you look" has struck again!

    The missing pole section has turned up. Some goon had hidden it in the box with the stoves, pans, gas etc!

    Being chivalrous i will take the flak and not pass the blame onto the OH (even if i did put the box away myself. Ahem!)

    I can now start planning the next wild camp.....

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