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Thread: FS - Garmin eTrex Vista C

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    For sale is my GPSr. It is a used and well loved Garmin eTrex Vista C.

    This was the top of the range model in the eTrex line up. It has now been discontinued and a newer version has been brought in. I used it for geocaching and for walking but have an upgrade on its way

    It has a plethora of features, including
    - 256 colour display
    - barometric altimeter
    - electronic compass
    - basemap with automatic routing capability

    Unfortunately, like a complete numpty I've lost the manual and CDs. Its sure to be around somewhere but when I moved into this house all the stuff got separated. Amazingly I found the box and it has the cable in it, so all your missing is the software and the manual. The wrist strap is attached to the unit. Garmin, being a clever bunch, have all the software and a soft copy of the manual on their website. See the attached link for all the stuff you need, as well as more information on the unit itself

    See here for a review -

    I think these were over 200 when they were new. I'd like 75 via bank transfer or 78 via paypal. Price includes delivery

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    bump for this thread. I'll throw in a Lowe Alpine GPS holster to allow it to attach to rucksack straps

    here are some pics

    here are the pics as promised. whats included and a few pics of what it can do

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