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Thread: FS: Jetboil group cooking system pot+

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    Gear cupboard clear out no.1:
    We have moved on to meths for the lightweight bits, and so have a Jetboil group cooking system pot (1.5 litre), and a burner adaptor (aka pot support).

    Condition: used, but no signs of wear.

    There is no burner or gas cylinder stabiliser with this, unlike the full set.

    However in the pot, to go with a personal cooking system, is a PCS Jetboil coffee press ( again we're now on MSR mugmates...)

    Anyone want this for about GBP20, plus P&P? If not, I fear fleabay beckons....

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    im will take it mate...can you give me a pm please and we can sort it out

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    Now sold, with a new home further North..

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