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    This is a request for advice regarding WM GPS software. I use Memory Map and Quo on my HTC HD2 for mapping - both work great - but I'm looking for some decent GPS software that will allow me to use the phone as, well, basically, a Garmin Etrex H.

    I'd like to download a GPX file, and follow the route as you would on the Garmin - no maps, just a directional compass to the next waypoint, distance to, ETA, odometer etc.

    Any ideas, folks?



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    I have both and they work well just sending routes to my HTC Touch Pro2. Bit more info?

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    try freewarepocketpc

    the gps section I linked to has quiet a few entrys, ReliRescue looks promising.

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    i just downloaded memory map to my htc hd but its not very clear cut to me. ive also got noni gps which is a basic way point jobbie that draws a nice line on a white background as to where youve been. you can also import where youve been into google maps on the phone too. havent really used it much but im sure there are lots more you can do with it.


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