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Thread: Does anyone have instructions for hi gear easi pedometer?

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    New year's resolution time and I've dug out my easi gear pedometer only to find I've lost the instructions on how to set it up! Can anyone please help, I'd be grateful. Thanks.

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    Hi Caroline,

    I also have lost my Hi Gear pedometer instructions. Do you know how to set it. Vicki

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    Does anyone know how to set the Hi Gear pedometer? I would be grateful, thanks Vicki.

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    I have the original instructions, I'm scanning them now and will try to include here.

    MediaFire file download

    MediaFire file download (large image - 4.2MB)

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    for the attention of Vicki Asham andCaroline thomas I have just lost my HIhear duo premium pedometer but i found i still have the instruction card and am happy to send it on to you I am elderly and the print is very small and i dont think it would come out very well if i tried to copy it and email it so if one of you wishes to give me an address i can send it to im happy to im in battersea londonO7788166786 0r 0207 924 5939 there no longer any use to me and it would appear to no longer being made john

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    Hi, I'm looking for the manual to hi gear scanner mark ii pedometer

    can anyone put me in the right direction?


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    Thanks for these instructions!!

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    Evidently not as easi as it could be!

    Edited to add: never trust a company that cannot spell even a four letter word...

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