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Thread: Lakeland snow / road conditions and easy walking recommendation near Keswick

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    My g/f is treating me to 3 days in the Lakes starting on the 28th of Decemeber to celebrate my birthday. Now, whilst I am quite famililar with the Lakes and especially Keswick where we are staying, a couple of weather conditions worry me slightly with planning a route:

    1) There's a lot of snow up their at the moment, and neither of us are trained in Crampon / Axe use (I have crampons and a training course is next years b/day pressie!!!). We are however, strong none snow walkers. Mountain tops are problably out of the question other than maybe the snow cleared Catbells....

    2) My original plan was to drive over Honister Pass, and either do Haystacks or walk around Buttermere lake. However, I am worried about driving over Honister pass in the current weather!

    3) Finally, all these plans mean walking over lowland paths, and the NPA have advised many paths have been damaged by the recent floods.

    I was even thinking Skiddaw tourist path as that might be well used and has a shallow gradient...

    All in all, not having really good local knowledge of the conditions, and maybe leaving planning a little late I am struggling to get a good plan. Can anyone advise a good 10 - 12 miler or so from, or close to Keswick?

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    Hey, not sure if this is too late, or indeed if it'll be of any help!! I can't advise on current conditions as im currently away from the lakes seeing family, but i have heard that honister pass is closed. What i was thinking i can help with is easier walks around the keswick area and path situation due to floods.

    From what i've heard there are isolated areas of path damage, for example on catbells but generally paths are ok. Walks wise a long easy walk would be along the western side of derwent water all the way to top of lake and then carrying onto grange and then back down the other side to keswick, or you could try walking upto watendlath and back again should be alreet. Alternatively you could sit in the pub next to the fire and enjoy a few pints! either way have a good few days!

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