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Thread: Take the OUTDOORSmagic routes survey

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    Maybe it's just me but I don't find the OM Routes section very easy to use. Too much emphasis on uploading the route and not enough about the description of the "experience" for want of a better word. Get rid of all the techy stuff about uploading GPS info and make it more like

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    Wasn't it Jake observing a couple of weeks ago that there wasn't enough in the way of Forum members talking about their walks and trips?

    I know some OMers do write up their trip reports on here (we don't all have blogs ). I generally write mine up on Bennachie, or I've started a new thread in the 'starting out' section for my first wildcamp and backpack. But it'd be great to have a section of the Forum for 'trip reports', perhaps arranged roughly geographically, with the option to include a 'route' with the report. But as AT suggests, with the opportunity for members to put the emphasis on their trip rather than the guide-book (and very hard to use) style we've got at the moment.

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