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Thread: Hi Tec V-Lite Altitude Ultra WPi First Look

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    hi gareth welcome to the forum, not sure the idea of wet feet appeals over here but take your point. any relation to capt cook ??

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    Horrible boots! Very comfortable and decent waterproof behavior during dry days. With heavy rain on pavement is impossible to stay safe with these shoes. Very dissapointed, a stupid way to waste money.

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    i paid $125 for these boots from sports authority. I wore them on a rainy night walking
    only on the street, no grass or mud just sidewalks and sloshed through many curbside puddles.
    It was a heavy downpour for about 20 mins straight. my feet were dry until roughly 30 minutes of walking in the rain. it has that ion mask tag on it but i guess the mask failed. my socks gradually got wetter until they were completely soaked. it was as if, after a certain point the boots became a sponge. last winter they were fine for snow, but i never had them in a very heavy rain til now. i will say that after 2014 NY snowstorms i had them buffed and polished up. idk if that maybe buffed away any surface protection?

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