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    I've recently bought a Argos Pro Action "Tiger Paws" tent from Ebay. It is a green one which I intend to use for a bit of wild camping over the summer.

    Tested it this weekend and found it to be excellent apart from the fly zip. I know this has been mentioned as a weakness in the tent - does anyone have tips on replacing it. I know I could send it off to Scottish Mountain Gear but am loath to pay nearly the price of the tent to sort it. Is it simple to sew a new zip in?

    Also has anyone tried to spend a night with 2 people in it - want to take my wife but only other tent is a very flimsy Eurohike job.

    Thanks for any help,

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    I've replaced this zip on my tent, but it wasn't easy.

    When you unpick the old zip you'll find theres about 5-6 different layers that are all sewn in together, and trying to hold them in place whilst stitching the new zip in wasn't easy. The worst bit is at the top of the zip.

    Having said that I'm not the worlds greatest user of a sewing machine, and I did get it done in the end, although not the prettiest of work.

    I also couldn't get the iron on seam seal to work, so abandoned it and used silicone, all works ok.

    If you've got the patience and can use a sewing machine it might be worth having a go.


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    Might it not be simpler to just trim the teeth/coil off the old zip, then stitch the new zip over the top of the remaining tape?
    Just a suggestion - I don't generally do sewing.

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    Sounds like a good idea from Andrew, go for it 'cos the tent is no use at present. If you make a complete hash of the job, plan B is to cut away the wreckage and sew a new strip of material to each side so that there is an overlap where the two halves of the door meet. With tapes sewn on each side of the doorway you can tie the door shut - the standard method of keeping tent doors shut before zips were invented.

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