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Thread: FS: Confidence rope

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    in perfect condition, no damage or anything to it, completly unused

    a 25 meter confidence rope

    this was a 50m half rope cut into two to make two 25m confidence ropes

    only looking for£20 for it including postage andpackaging


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    i'm interested- what brand & model was the original half rope?

    also what payment methods do you want eg paypal? cheque?


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    its was an edelrid 8.5mm half rope, im afraid i dont know the model

    i cut it up about 2 years ago with the intentions of myself having one half (as a confidence rope) and a freind taking the other half but i eneded up with both, just clearing out and found it, been stored accoridng to manufacturers guidelines and such, in perfect condition not fraying, bobbling or nought, never been climbed on.

    paypal would be my prefered but i think paypal wil charge you for it

    paypal address is

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