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Thread: Solar charger can work without sunshine?

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    Solar charger is convenient for people who usually travel out. But sometimes I want to ask such question ‚??solar charger can work without sunshine?‚?Ě Perhaps it is a stupid question. But I still want to know the answer. And if they can not work, is it still convenient. You can not use inside and you can not use in winter. Only without sunshine, it becomes rubbish. So is it worth for us to use?

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    I'm based in Scotland and I've given up on solar chargers. I do not feel that the mobile technology is there yet. I have a "SolarUno" unit, but moved across to re-charging via external batteries.

    You can still get a charge without sunshine. A company I used to work for were the QS's on an 'alternative' energy scheme in Stornoway in the 1980's. It was a question asked even back then.

    I'd love to see efficient re-powering devices, and think we'll see an increase in micro-generation in the next few years.

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    Solar is not really viable in UK, due to weaker sunshine and generally the days with plenty of sunshine, you need less power anyway (longer days = shorter nights). I also tried & gave-up on solar.

    I carry some AA NiMH and a USB ebay cheap charger, I charge my USB-charged gadgets off that. Batteries weigh less than solar panels.

    I also got a dynamo hand powered charger which worked with my mobile, with some effort might work with other gadgets.

    In winter, my IPOD, turned to minimum brightness, I get upto 24 hours video capacity and the AA recharges about twice so that's a week's evening video entertainment in the dark.

    Works too for long flights...

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    I think i can use my solar charger with out sun light.... but not much energy.... like when the sun is smiling....

    A cool idea from Busby SEO Test

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    It depends on what you mean by "without sunshine" If you mean on partly cloudy days like alot of the world has then YES. An example is if you have enough solar panels you can charge a battery bank if it is sized right and not have to run a generator. You can live this way and many of my neighbors do.
    but you have to consider which panel do you want? single or double?
    at the recent, its price is chap, my BF bought a doulble-one from a china company this week.
    if you are ok, i can rcommend you their

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    A portable battery pack is a much better idea

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