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Thread: Foot and mouth

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    Sadly where I live I am surrounded by
    restrictions as to where I can walk
    Pen y Fan is now out of bounds so is the Gower.
    So I am now stuck with walking the local beaches.
    It's a shame that there are no provisions for walkers to dis-infect their boots prior to walking well known paths. I would gladly pay 2-3 to by the fluid myself and do my own car tyres.I was at centre Parcs last week where they were doing about 40/50 cars per hour with back pack pumps.It apears yet again our european brothers are switched on and dealing with the problem.
    I am not selfish but I didnt cause the outbreak but am expected to suffer all the same.M.A.F.F. stands for Making Another Fine f**kup.

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    Whey hey! I post a thread and two days later M.A.F.F. re-open the Gower coastal path so I can get back to a normal routine.
    You can now forget my last gripe "Cheeesed off"
    I love this site it must be lucky..........

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