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Thread: Specific GPS or PDA?

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    We are looking at getting a GPS unit for use out on the hills(including abroad). I like the ones that have maps, like the satmap 10. However that is out of our price range. We are down to 2 options now: Garmin vista Hcx or the O2 orbit2 PDA. Advantages, as far as I can see:

    Garmin: Waterproof, more hardy, better gps capability??, altimeter, compass.

    PDA: better maps(OS maps), useful as satnav on roads, saves carrying a seperate phone.

    What are other peoples opinions please?


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    It's important that when you're looking at buying a GPS you take into account the full cost, including maps. With the Garmin you get a base map and the option of buying their own topo maps. With the orbit2 you can use Anquet, Memory Map or Quo.

    In terms of reception both devices use the same SiRF Star III chipset.

    A dedicated outdoor GPS like the Vista HcX is designed for outdoor use, not onlywith weather protection but also positioning of the buttons for easier use at the times you're most likely to need a GPS - when it's cold and wet.

    Choosing the orbit2/mapping software route will also give you PC based mapping which you can use for pre-planning/reviewingand printing your own maps to waterproof paper.

    If you're at the point where you're considering a phone upgrade you could also look at ViewRanger as an option. This gives OS mapping on most Nokia and other Symbian 60 phones, along with additional featureslike live a web tracker, but not the PC option without buying additional software.


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    I have a Mio A701 GPS PDA phone. I have it loaded with the whole of Scotland on Memory Map. It works great indoors and in nice conditions on the hill. As soon as the weather turns nasty and cold, its a PITA to use. Using the stylus with gloves or mitts is impossible. It also has a nasty habit of dying in very cold temps.

    Get a dedicated GPS. The Mio is gathering dust. Want to buy one?

    I have an oldGarmin that i use in winter.

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