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Thread: Cleveland Way

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    never done it myself, but it seems to work for others.
    its called 'poste restante' or some such foreign name.
    Mark your parcel ' to be collected by....., poste restante, whatever post office etc'
    take some id when you go to collect it. most important, make contact prior to your trip to make sure the post office is open when you get there.
    It would not be good to roll up having just eaten the last of your food to find that the village post office only opens on every alternate thursday when theres an r in the month.
    I've just thought, i think you have to put the senders name and address on and possibly they'll only keep parcels for so long?
    someone will confirm

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    Hi Alex, Yes its easy to forward stuff to yourself 'post restante' to get the address you phone the P.O. customer help desk and they will give it to you. you will also find that if you ask first most youth hostels will accept parcels for collection so long as you dont leave it too long. Several others like some camp sites etc will accept parcels for you. I know because other wise it would be impossible to walk in the highlands believe me. Cheers Bryan

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