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Thread: Welcome to the Lakeland 100 Section

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    Hi folks,

    I've signed up for the 50 as this is my first long distance mountain run, but I was wondering if I get a bit of advise on hydration:

    I've got a Camel (2L) for my rucksack, and we've been advised to take SIS/HEED energy drink mix along but do folks plan to mix this up in their Camels or take a seperate bottle?

    Also, any advise for the night stage? Not having done this kind of thing before it's a bit daunting!



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    Is there a facility for drop bags?

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    Flick - the problem with energy drinks is the fag of dealing with the powder, espcially as you will be filling the bladder at each CP.

    My plan is to have water in bladder and one 1L bottle which is will have electrolyte drink (using Nunn tablets). I will try to get the enrgy/cards from food rather than liquid.

    This is my first attempt at athrough-the-night stage and I am a little apprehensive myself - how cold will it be? how difficult is the navigation between CP1 and 2? how creepy will it be if you are on your own (I am a wimp!)?...I think that there will be several of us looking to buddy up at CP1. As a solo entrant I am very happy to have some company as long as I can stick to a steady pacing strategy.

    Fred - the notes talk about the bag drop for Dockray. We get bags at registration to take kit to Dockray and to bring it back.

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    Team Hurtmore. I am nervous about the night stage aswell but keep thinking that it will be fine once i am actually doing it. The only real tricky bit that i can see between cp1 and 2 will be the plantation as doing it in daylight you really have to watch your foot placement due to roots etc. Can I also warn everyone that there is what can only be described as a dead thing near the path on the way to Burnmoor Tarn. It must be a sheep but it is so bloated with the gases that it looks bigger and really weird and i can imagine if you are on your own in the dark it will be really freaky. i squealed when i saw it (but then i am a big girl) so dont anybody stand in it . Ewwww. there made everybody feel much better now havent I hoho.

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    Hingry Hippo! (can't believe i'm talking to someone called hungry hippo) Realisticaly you need to do the last 50 miles with everyone else if you wish to do the 50, if people did the first 50, they couldn't get back to Coniston!

    Flick.. remember that the HEED is already diluted, we are not dishing out powder, it will be ready made energy drink at every other stop so you could take that without any messing with powder..

    I would suggest that people do team up for the night stages to keep things safe and provide company, list of entries will be on the site tonight..

    Almost there.......

    Marc Laithwaite

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    mandh - thanks for the warning...that sounds pretty disgusting. I think by the weekend the smell of the rotting carcass will give us some advanced warning!!

    Its the plantation between CP1/CP2, missing the turn off at the top of the gyhll down towards Penny Hill Farm and the terrain between Black Sail and Buttermore that make the most nervous. I agree that we will quickly adjust the dark and potentially being on our own!

    I was playing golf with my family on Saturday night and as it got dark at around 9:10 I suddenly realised that I wouldn't have finished by then..gulp!

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    Team Hurtmore. i just keep thinking of all the little eyes that are gonna light up in the torch light. i suppose we are lucky over here in Blighty that we dont have to watch out for mountain lions and bears.I will have no adrenalin left by the time the run comes as every time I think about it my stomach turns. This will be a long four days as i just want to get going. Mind you at the speedI go they should have let me start four days before the rest of you!!

    What is everyone carrying with them apart from the compulsory items and what are you putting in your drop bag?

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    Most of the little eyes will be sheep - apart from the Burnmoor Panther!

    Depending on what Marc puts up as food on the website tonight I will be trying to keep things to a minimum.

    I have a NFace (smallest) hydation pack - 2l water, safety kit, very thin fleece (if it fits), head torch, spare batteries, safety blanket, mobile, money, sun visor or hat depending on forecast!. I have Montane waterproofs which are about the size of an apple.

    Bum bag belt -1bottle for electrolyte drink (using Nunn tablets), snacks (KMCake, Clif bars, Malt loaf, SIS gels, Jelly babies, nuts) and first aid kit (including toiletpaper and bag for debris!!)

    Map case - map, whistle, roadbook.

    That's it. Change of clothing in drop bag plus second food kit (packed like first).

    Juts trying to work out to do with the maps now. I have a map case but found thatmoisture crept in before and maps cracked on edges. I will either put in plastic folders or laminate.

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    Cheers TH. Sometimes I go to these things laden down with stuff that i think is essential and the "real runners" have a bum bag on and nothing else! I could probably lose the hairdryer and straighteners though!

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    Blimey - the web shows only 34 runners to date - 30 solos and 2x2 teams. UMMHH - looks like we really are going to be all alone. Gulp. OK I really am up for buddying up for the night! And here was me thinking there would be a nice trail of headtorch lights for company!!

    mand H - I have only done 2 50mile+ ultras and these were flat. So don't take my advice!! However, the lighter the better. Having said that, I have been caught out by a blizzard in Bowfell doing a X-Lakes mountain race many years ago. So that has taught me never to scrimp on the safety kit.

    I have never run for extended periods throughout the night, so I have no idea how cold we are going to get. Thinking HH lifa top, plus running shirt on top. Not sure on legs - shorts or leggings. Need to pack tonight so I have to make my mind up quickly!!

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    Not a very good Cumbrian turnout and heres me thinking there were loads more nutters in Cumbria. Loving my race number though Oh the irony! My 50's were fairly flat aswell TH if you can call Yorkshire flat. Nothing compared to the ups in this thing tho. Cold wise we should be OK cos we will be running so fast we wont feel it!!! Ha Ha Wishful thinking

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    Am I right in guessing you are from Workington then? Guessing the number here? I had 666 in Windor Triathlon last year and ended up in A&E after bike crash!!

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    Nah Im from Whitehaven. Damn there goes the disguise.

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    I thought you were joking about being a big girl!!

    Ok - well we expect you to match your number!!

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    Ha easy peasy (as long as I can take the car). Yeah I am easily recognisable. I will be the one right at the back weeping loudly!

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    can someone please tell me how to open the runners list file. I know i`m thick so please help. It keeps saying something about xls file. What update do I need ? You cant all be as bad as me with one of these bloody computers. Cheers.

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    Good luck to everyone for this weekends trip to the lake district and hope to make some new friends, see you all soon. Peter.

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    xls is a Microsoft Excel file and you may be getting the message if Excel is not on your computer. I am not sure if Marc is able to post the list in a different format.

    Mand H

    Whitehaven eh? ...I had also expected more entries from this part of the current abode is Workington. Does my number make you feel any better about yours? ......mine is #13....

    All competitors

    Good luck!Hope you all make it round. Not sure if I can/will...but I will enjoy having a go.


    Thanks in advance for creating this opportunity. At last I have been able to stop thinking about robbing banks and winning lotteriesto get the airfare to the states for one of these (100 milers).

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    Yes, thanks Marc in advance. You deserved more support especially from locals after all you hard work. However, many great events start from relatively small beginnings - I think the RAW events that AE launched had very small fields in their first year.

    So we can all work to make this a great first event....the elite handful who were in at the start . If we all have fun, respect the Lakes environment, support each other and challenge ourselves then it will be a success.

    I am looking to sharing the experience (especially the night) with 'new friends'. The more I think about this, the more I am sure that sensible pacing is key, especially at the start. However, I would like to get to CP1 before its pitch black!

    I hope we have easily identifiable race numbers that indicate what we are doing. otherwise we might be arrested for being drunk as we stumble through Ambleside on Saturday evening!

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    "Elite" only in spirit, not performance - at least in my case!!

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