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Thread: Latest TGO

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    Reading on, I'm struck by the comments about hip-belts & force being all to the rear, rather than spaced evenly around the waist. I used to carry belt kit that weighed as much as a typical daysack (about 22lbs), but weight was well distributed around the waist. Far more comfortable than a similar weight daysack, so I can see how well this might work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Parky Again View Post
    forgive me for being potentially dim derek. so the weight of the front pouches on aarn packs is transferred to the hip belt? i.e. i could do the hip belt up and completely loosen the shoulder straps and all the weight would be on my hips? if so they sound inetresting.

    Hello Parky,

    Yes you and the others following your comment have got it. I only have the shoulder straps done up gently just to stop the pack flopping about, sofor stability only. If the hip belt got uncomfortable I could transfer the weight to my shoulders by tightening the straps but I dont need to.

    The hip belt is widely adjustable so It can be comfortable for everyone. I do think that it is difficult to get all the adjustments right however. I fitted my rucksack to someone else and it took about an hour to get it perfect. I had done it before so a lot of people will not get it right

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    I suppose it's quite hard to do double-blind testing with shoe inserts, and even more so with walking poles...

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    Going back to insoles (if I dare. ) I find Spenco far better than any other that I've tried including Superfeet. Very supportive in the right places and with deep heel cups. Also far more comfortable than Superfeet.

    Re walking pole(s). I starting using same mainly as a deterrent to savage dogs when I used to walk in Greece. Much better than the ridiculous 'Dog -Dazer' thing that only the dog was supposed to hear. I ended up throwing that at a particular brute that used to lay in wait near my studio. (St Bernard? Don't talk ridiculous, Horace!)

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    I'd just like to say that I've just purchased the latest issue of TGO and think it is much improved from the previous format. Good to see it is still filled with intelligent articles unlike Trail's continual reprinting of beginners guides. It is akin to comparing "The Independent" with "Smash Hits".

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    Smash Hits was never that bad, was it?

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    Thats the difference between the two mags. Not that either one is bad overall, just that they are aimed at different readers.

    Trail is more aimed at beginners, more stuff thats light hearted, TGO is more serious, more discussion articles,and aimed at a different readership.

    I dont buy either to be honest allthough I will read them if left lying around by others.

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    03The Globetrekker Phoenix Escort programmes arent Phoenix Escorts bad and can Phoenix Asian Escort be picked up on Ebay for Phoenix Asian Escorts a tenner. I particularly liked the London one. Rough Guide on Channel 5 are better then I thought but not a patch on the old Rough Guide by the BBC.

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