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    Hi guys. I am going to south america in a month's time (wahoo!) and as part of that will be trekking the Lares trek to Machu Picchu (it's an alternative to the Inca trail). I've only really spoken to people who have done the Inca trail itself, so was wondering if anyone had done the Lares trek and could offer me any advice? E.g. what gear should I take? How cold is it going to be? And did you find the altitude was a problem? Thanks!

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    Hi tog adventurer,

    Are you going with or without porters etc?

    I did the trip to Choquequirao last June. It was organised, so no tent to worry about.

    Around camp I wore a Marmot Driclime and a PHD minimus vest; this was sufficient.

    The tent was huge, but I could have taken say a TN Lazeror similar; weather conditions were good - no rain and not much wind.

    My sleeping bag was a PHD minim 400 and this was comfy down to below freezing. There were one or two cold nights, but, later in the trip it got pretty warm.

    I would strongly advise good boots. If your trip is anything like what I did then they will essential. Not a time for trainers or similar.

    Have a great trip.


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