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    I'm off to Peru to walk the Inca Trail in May and desperately need to get some practise walking in. I am thinking of going to the Alps or the Pyranees for a long weekend as anywhere in this country is out of the question because of foot & mouth. Can anyone suggest any good treks that would be accessible in April?

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    depends on your budget etc.
    It's easy enough to fly to Geneva and then drive, rail or whatever to Chamonix where theres miles of low and medium level paths, I go every summer, I've never been in April but I guess theres still a lot of snow on the higher trails.
    How about the Picos de Europa in northern spain. Perhaps a little more difficult to get to but superb scenery, big hills, miles and miles of trails, unspoilt villages and friendly natives, oh I forgot to mention the INCREDIBLY cheap wine.
    If you're only wanting a long weekend you'll not get very far south so I would advise you to choose wisely as a short trip in April to an area with geography that even approaches the Inca trail stands the chance of being rained off, snowed off or blown off.
    best wishes

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