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    Salutations from Sussex

    Hi, about me - I'm a late 30s female, I like reading (especially the classics), philosophy, psychology, growing plants, writing (poetry, fiction, and more recently travel writing of my walks , playing chess, and rock/metal music (though I do enjoy many various lighter artists). I've walked the South Downs where I live for years and have had some lovely days rambling the hills. Then I started to want to venture further and my interest for exploring and survival/bushcraft was born, allbeit quite recently.

    I've always adored the North Cornish coast and the breathtaking clifftops and rugged rocks, I went to Newquay a lot as a child and have returned a couple of times since. Ideally, I'd love to live there and write novels sitting on a desolate beach. Cliche much? Though I'd be happy anywhere with beautiful landscape and a sense of isolation.
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