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Thread: Cleaning A Down Jacket

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    Cleaning A Down Jacket

    I have a Down Jacket. I love how it's light, warm and comfortable. It needs a clean. I'm worried that the feathers won't be the same if I wash it.
    Any ideas how to do wash so it stays the same?

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    The trouble with washing a down jacket is that it wets out all the feathers and they go clumpy, to unclump them it is recommended that you dry them in in the drier with a couple of tennis balls which pummel the feathers as they dry and loosen them, but I'm not convinced the feathers will ever be the same again (but that is just my worry, rather than knowledge) which is why I'm always paranoid about getting my down jackets dirty in the first place

    Grangers sell a down wash kit with drying balls in it that is cheap enough and claims to do a good job, although I'd wonder if its worth getting one of those hyrdophic down treatments to use after the wash so help waterproof(ish) the down?

    here's a video re the grangers wash and dry kit

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    this video just popped up in my stream, probably because I was looking at the other earlier, but I think its much more informative

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    If it's just localised grub like round the chin area etc, you could just scrub those parts lightly with soap, if it's heavily soiled and losing it's loft I'd chuck it in the machine.

    I did a couple of down quilts in the washer for the first time last year, liquid soap from Morrisons I think, they both came out brilliantly and even loftier than before they went in. The mrs wasn't too impressed about me putting tennis balls in the new dryer so I took them out every 20 mins or so and gave them a good shake, after a couple of hours of that they were done. I hung them on the line the next day and they got a good blow just to give them a final airing.

    I was too scared to wash my down stuff before but it's doddle really

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