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Thread: Insulated jackets

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    Insulated jackets

    Looking to get an insulated, waterproof jacket for everyday use for less than £100, so far canít decide between and

    I am student so get 10% off at blacks as well, any help greatly appreciated.

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    Propriety waterproofs like Hyvent and Texapore are ok, just not as breathable as some of the highend waterproof materials, but if you're going for an everyday jacket for commuting on the bus or by train then its not normally a problem.

    Most people on here would probably go for a separate waterproof layer and a insulating layer, but for the price of these and the purpose they will be used for then you probably can't go wrong with either choice, especially at that price.

    Years ago I would have said go for the North Face as they used to have a fantastic reputation, but less so now, and while Jack Wolfskin are (to my mind) a little on the clunkier end of the market, I would say there is not much between them.

    You really should go and try them on if you can, for two reasons;

    1) the wolfskin says its a 4 season jacket, but you have no idea what that means. I'd suggest a 4 season jacket is a full on winter jacket, and I'm not sure that jacket is, but its unlikely that you'd need a full on winter jacket or you'd be looking at McMurdo parkas and the like. The North Face jacket has 60g of their proprietary insulating filling, which should be ok for autumn use too.

    2) the fit of the jacket is going to be important to you also, they both have a similar sizing (in my view), but its an american sizing so on the large size for me, but either one might fit you perfectly in the right size. Also the North Face looks like it has a separate stand up collar, and while the Wolfskin's collar looks like it can go high too, its linked to the hood, so one or the other might suit you best, or one might be longer than the other, giving you more coverage of your body (from the rain), although to be fair they both look similar lengths.

    So try them on if you can, or buy both and return the one that you like the least.

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    Thanks for the response, was really helpful. Iíve tried both a jack wolfskin and north face kind of jacket and Iím a small in both but will look around high street to see if I can find either one or both of these to try on.

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