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Thread: luxe outdoor sil hex peak vea

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    luxe outdoor sil hex peak v4a

    ok as the nights are long during the winter i am thinking of using my luxe outdoor sil hex peak v4 a but with the full size inner. then you have lots of room for your gear and to move around etc.
    my question is this as it does not have a snow skirt ,but the shape and lots of guy points make it an ideal candidate for winter camping.
    does anyone have any suggestions for using this tent in the snow
    cheers !
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    I've never used the hex peak 4 (its too small for me) but from memory the full inner has a large bathtub and a solid part to about a 3rd of the way up, before turning to mesh, so it should stop any snow from blowing into the inner, and if the snow is that heavy it will drift against the fly and block it as it doesn't seem come up that high. Go for it!

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    Search YouTube for it

    I don't think there are any videos specifically about winter camping with it, but there are various reviews & tips about extra guys; strengthening the pole; seam sealing; and general advice
    You could try possibly shortening the pole slightly and/or adjusting the guys so that the bottom of the fly comes right down to the ground and touching it; and fit the extra guys on the bottom edge of the fly of course

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    Not used one in snow but the shape suggest it should shed snow quite well.

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    No problem in snow.
    You don't need snow skirts..that will remove all chances of ventilation and you will be in a dripping sauna!
    The Inner will be fine.
    A lot of campers will use in Winter without an inner.
    Watch U Tube.

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