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Thread: winter camping what tent

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    winter camping what tent

    My question is if someone is camping in the winter , in the snow would you need tent with a snow skirt for wild camping in england or scotland .
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    I do go out camping in the snow, and for years, I have used a Hilleberg Akto, without any problems or complaints.

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    it depends on conditions.

    People camp in standard winter condition in the UK all the time without snow-skirts but they serve a useful purpose if there is a lot of snow and strong winds.

    It's probably more important to look at the tent's overall suitability and rating. Certainly Hilleberg make good tents for all seasons that will be comfortable where a meshy lightweight job made for the US markets would be miserable.

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    I have camped in snow in lowland England in a Hilleberg Akto.
    I was always warm and dry but the problem for me was the lack of space in which to sit out the day. It is a choice of being on one elbow or the other. The Akto isn't made for sitting up in.

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