Hi Guys, I have a nearly new Dream Hammocks Sparrow for sale.

Pains me to have to sell this on, but after countless tries in this and other hammocks, I just can't sleep comfortably in one (side sleeper).

Ordered it in Jan this year and have used it on 5 one night trips, one with the solid overcover and the other times with bugnet only, still in perfect condition, no signs of wear at all. Order specs are as follows:

SKU 00088
Net-Overcover: Net & Overcover
Length: 10ft
Width: Wide As Possible
Layers: Single
Outside Layer Fabric: 1.6oz HyperD Diamond Ripstop
Outside Layer Color: Dark olive
Inside Layer Fabric-Use Only For Double Layer Hammocks: None
Overcover Fabric: 1.6oz HyperD Diamond Ripstop
Overcover Color - Type "None" for Net Only Sparrow: Dark olive
Asym Lay: Right - Head Left / Feet Right
Suspension: Continuous Loop
Tree Straps: None
UQ Hooks-Tie Out Hooks: Both
Ridgeline Organizer: No

You can see pictures of the exact hammock here along with final weight (
24.55oz): https://www.dreamhammock.com/order_detail.html?order=6455

As you can see I also ordered an underquilt protector which hooks onto tie out points on the side of the hammock, in theory to block out a little wind, and to keep the underquilt clean should it touch a wet floor when packing or setting up.

Workmanship from Dream Hammocks is amazing, it's a great hammock, sad to have to sell it but I'll stick to ground dwelling from now on.

All in all with shipping and import charges I'm in just over 300 with the underquilt protector plus the whoopie slings and tree huggers I'll send it with.

I'll take 220 including special delivery to UK addresses. PM if interested, cheers.