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Thread: Tarptent Double Rainbow Does Anyone Have Any Expiriances

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    Tarptent Double Rainbow Does Anyone Have Any Expiriances

    Has anyone had or expiriances of Tarptent Double rainbow and can you cook within the porch when closed. Also thinking of using the clip in liner. Also is there bad condensation problems?

    Also thinking of buying a Vizsla puppy, so unsure where to put the dog when there is two of us and the dog

    Any help is good.

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    For your requirements I would suggest the Stratospire 2.
    It needs two trekking poles but if you do not use them, you can get the Vertical Support poles from TT.
    The SS2 has 2 large vestibules, big enough to cook under when closed (add safety warnings here) and large enough to house a large dog or child. (there is a separate bug net called Sidecar if you need to have the dog enclosed) . ( if you two are 6' or less, a small dog will fit inside the inner)

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