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Thread: Using Crossbows in Outdoors

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    Using Crossbows in Outdoors

    Medieval crossbows were considered the most powerful weapons of their time. If the military made a modern crossbow, how would it stack up to modern guns? Will it be better to use in out doors?

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    I prefer a mace or double bit battle axe myself, sometimes i carry both just to be sure

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    Strange question. Akin to asking if a medieval field catapult could be re-engineered to be as effective as a modern-day artillery gun. The answer is very clearly no.
    Worth pointing out that hunting with bows/x-bows is illegal under any circumstances in the UK. It's also illegal to use a x-bow for any purpose (even just target shooting) on anything other than private land where you have the express permission of the landowner.

    You don't need knives, bows or any other weapon to enjoy the outdoors Billy. Indeed, you're more likely to be denied the freedom to even go outdoors if you're not very careful.

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    Here in the US it depends on the state law, but you can own a crossbow as it is legal, but if you want to use it for hunting you have to keep the law in consideration, as there as also times that you are restricted to hunt.

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    They are good if you can fire on point I never can!
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