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Thread: Osprey Exos 38 and 48 Backpacks

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    Osprey Exos 38 and 48 Backpacks

    I have a couple of small Osprey packs which I use a lot for walking, but I need something a little bigger for overnight camps and bivi's, most of them will be one nighters.

    I am looking at the Osprey Exos backpacks, both the 38 and 48 litre packs. Does anyone use either of these packs, if so how do you rate them?

    My kit weight would be around 6 to 8 kgs, excluding food and water. A little heavier for autumn & winter.

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    There is also the new osprey levity which looks good. No experience of these packs but the 2 osprey packs we have are very good and have lasted very well. The exos are well regarded. I use a gossamer gear mariposa and an OMM villain for my multi day trips.

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